Cloud Computing And Its Impact On The Entire Ict Industry

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Cloud computing has evolved with the passage of time and has revolutionized the entire ICT industry. Cloud computing is categorized into two forms Service oriented computing and Grid Computing. Service oriented Computing is an transpiring paradigm that has revamped the consumption of software and related product all around the globe. The core functionalities that service oriented computing provide is elements and that are independent of platforms and are programmed using standard protocols to support distributed computing across various organizations. [2] The second type of cloud computing is Grid computing which also follows the distributed architecture in which there are cluster of computers which share resources with each other like…show more content…
[3] Cloud computing provides computing architecture, which is dynamic in nature and can evaluate performance behavior as well as other infrastructure challenges. This paper focuses on workload balancing workload balancing of cloud instances and also tells about the tools that evaluate performances. It tells that their proposed mechanism schedules the starting and shutting down of the VM instances automatically and allows the cloud instances to finish the assigned jobs within the deadline and within the price range. [4] 2.2 Edge of cloud computing over normal software testing Thus Software testing is one of the core components of any software or related product development and testing requires costly infrastructure because testing evaluates the speed, performance, utilization as well as security to some extent. This is where Cloud Computing is used and provides services like decrease cost for number of users using specific environment. Cloud testing has normally been used for load and performance testing but with increased enhancement in technology and more demand many enterprises have included it as its integral part and the below image gives a statistical
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