Cloud Computing And Its Impact On The Business World

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Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer” (MultiTrends Inc, 2015). What does this mean for businesses, both big and small? Could this change the way businesses store data, and information? Will it be cost reducing, efficient and scalable? I have found the solution to these questions and many more while researching the “Cloud” for this paper. Before this project, I had little-to-no idea what cloud computing was all about, nor did I ever imagine it would be such an asset in the business world. Before I start getting into the specific benefits and possible conflicts which follow the trend of cloud…show more content…
It allows employees to travel, while still being caught up to date on everything going on in the office, and can automatically sync all contacts within your business to your device, and important dates into a calendar (on your device) so you are sure to never fall behind. Seems like the cloud has things all figured out. ICloud is set up so that as soon as your business first creates an account, you receive an e-mail which allows you to keep all messages and e-mails from employees, and customers synched to the devices of your choosing. This way all of your information, and communication between clients and employees, stays safe and is located on several devices (less risk of accidentally deleting something). You can also access your cloud from, which of course stores all of the data you’ve entered into the cloud in an organized fashion, and made pretty simple to navigate through. Another important feature iCloud offers is that “it provides security by automatically backing up when new information when it is added and offering the Find My Mac service. This service allows users with a Mac connected to Wi-Fi with the activated feature to obtain an approximate location for his/her computer. The screen can be locked and hard drive erased remotely in the event that the computer is stolen, which is especially attractive for company computers.” (Morioka, 2015). This makes
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