Cloud Computing And Its Security Issues

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Cloud Computing and its Security Issues Abstract—With the increasing trend of technological advancements, the deployment of business applications and processes has greater reliance on the paradigm of cloud computing. The tenants are facilitated on a “pay-as-you-go” approach with respect to the infrastructure, software and platform services. The acceptance of cloud computing model among the consumers is based on its cost-effectiveness in terms of maintenance of the resources along with the flexibility and efficient performance. Nonetheless, certain concerns associated with the data security and credibility of the services are still there that are required to be eradicated for its sustained acceptance within the ICT industry.…show more content…
However, with all the benefits, the rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) involves certain security challenges as well. The associated challenges and issues of Cloud computing must be considered prior to the ubiquitous adoption of the technology [2]. The paper presents the analysis of the cloud computing model in terms of the deployment of its service models, along with the security issues associated with it. The paper also presents the possible techniques of eliminating the security concerns of the cloud computing. II. DESCRIPTION Cloud computing is basically a model based on “pay as you go” that reflects the best business approach for the organization to pay only for the services that are used. Organizations have adopted this approach rapidly due to the attributes of minimal investment, rapid deployment along with cost reduction. Thus, the organizations are free from monitoring and managing the technical issues as it is offered by the service providers. According to Modi, et al. [2], around 91% international organizations have adopted the model of cloud computing for its significant element of cost reduction. A. Architecture of Cloud Computing Figure 1 represents the infrastructure of the cloud computing that reflects that the cloud service providers involved in delivering the required services to the
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