Cloud Computing As A Metaphor For The Internet

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Cloud Computing Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Six Cloud Computing Enabling Technologies and their descriptions: 4 Three Technological innovations: 6 Three Cloud Delivery Models , their Methodologies and their issues: 7 Six Beneficial characteristics of cloud computing: 10 Analysis of cloud-based applications with non-cloud one (Reasons): 11 References List: 13 Introduction: Cloud computing is considered as a type of computing services that depends on sharing resources rather than obtaining or organizing a pool of local servers or personal storage to handle applications. In cloud computing, the ‘cloud’ is referred as a metaphor for ‘the Internet’. In short cloud computing refers to Internet computing…show more content…
The main advantage of distributed computing is that it breaks a whole complex task into smaller pieces. In this grid computing, a pool of computers is configured virtually in such that the looks like a cluster. Figure 4: Grid Computing Utility Computing: It simply follows the pay and use the methodology for a certain period. Even previous cloud technologies are based on this utility computing. Managed services: This is the probably oldest cloud-based solutions in which a cloud provider utilizes an application rather than an application. Anti-spam services and monitoring services included in this type of technology [2]. Service commerce: This is a hybrid type of cloud technology or a solution with which an end-user interacts. Expenses monitoring, travel renting, and virtual support included in it [1]. This kind of cloud facilities mainly uses in middle sized organizations. Three Technological innovations: Cloud computing not only evolves its vast are of implementation but also provide an easy and quick way to smoothen the business process to consume more customers. Out of several technological innovations, the three that enhances the advantages of cloud computing are big data analytics, business process, mobile computing [5]. •Linking of systems: Companies are integrating the system that can combine such as HR, finance or warehouse management to collect all the related data in a single place. The thought behind this is to make the platform scalable and flexible.
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