Cloud Computing As A Tool For Business Purposes

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Technology continues to influence the direction taken by business entities in an apparent attempt to gain competitive advantage over the rest of its direct competitors. One of the innovations that best embodies the desire to gain an advantage over direct competitors is through the use of cloud computing to improve efficiency and effectiveness in customer satisfaction. Cloud computing essentially involves using a network stemming from remote servers on the internet to process and disseminate data. Cloud computing uses remote network servers instead of a personal computer or a local server and it use also includes managing and storing data for a variety of purposes that a business chooses to engage in at its pleasure (Armbrust 55). Although…show more content…
Ultimately, these figures translate to profitability thereby fulfilling one of the primary goals of business which is to generate profit (Aljabre, 168). One of the major reasons behind the choice of using cloud computing and incorporating it into the basic framework of business transaction is efficiency. Cloud computing utilizes minimal renewable resources that cold the business a very insignificant amount compared to the returns it will retain in the form of profits and customer satisfaction. Cloud computing enables the business to streamline its IT operations thereby eliminating any wasteful channels that drain resources and increase the cost of operations. The concept of cloud computing render it as a n internet based operation that provides efficient and effective handling for the employees of a business through improved accessibility and limited space consumption (Gorelik 109). Every other merit that cloud computing affords business is down to the effectiveness or efficiency its use brings upon the business entity which will eventually reflect on the profitability of the business. Technological giants like Microsoft, Amazon and SAP are frontrunners in terms of pushing for the implementation of the incorporation of cloud services primarily because they have stakes in the technological innovation. However, that fact aside the possibilities that cloud computing could add to a business are significant and very rational. The
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