Cloud Computing As A Viable Enterprise Technology Solution

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Cloud computing is steadily increasing as a viable enterprise technology solution. Information technology literature reports an expected boost in enterprise adoption of cloud computing in the next few years. Business plans to transition operations to cloud computing are also commonly reported. Despite these trends, there are many businesses that remain skeptical of the benefits of cloud computing and continue to support information systems in an on-site location. Careful planning and due diligence is essential to ensure that the most beneficial cloud computing model is utilized to meet business needs. This use case explores cloud computing methods, reviews security concerns regarding virtualization, and considers mechanisms to better…show more content…
Conversely, some of the known disadvantages of cloud computing models include potential delays in the system access due to a rapidly increasing consumer base, vendor solutions that are not easily transferable, connectivity that relies on internet access, and the lack of consumer controls of the backend infrastructure (Rouse). Several large outages have been reported in CRN Magazine 2015 regarding cloud computing including: Microsoft Azure, March 16: “Two of Microsoft 's Azure public cloud services went down for more than two hours for customers in the Central U.S., due to what the software giant described as a "network infrastructure issue." Verizon Cloud, Jan. 10th and 11th: “Verizon Communications stunned customers by scheduling to take its cloud offline for some 40 hours over the weekend to implement a comprehensive system maintenance project” Google Compute Engine, Feb 18th and 19th: “Some connectivity issues lasted almost three hours, there were roughly 40 minutes during which most outbound data packets being sent by Google Compute Engine virtual machines were ending up in the wind” Apple iCloud, March 11th: “Millions of people around the world couldn 't buy digital music, books or apps for almost 12 hours” Starbucks April 24th: “Several hour outage disabling thousands of cash registers in Starbuck across North America explained as a failure
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