Essay on Cloud Computing Benefits , Challenges and Future.

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Delivering computer solutions has changed radically over the past thirty years from centralised mainframe computing to distributed client-server solutions. The consumption of Information Technology and Services (IT&S) has been accelerated by advances in network performance and facilities, consumerisation, and most notably through the adoption of Internet services. Business applications have also gone through a similar change from bespoke in-house mainframe systems to packaged products, and more recently, to distributed application frameworks (as seen on the iPhone).

The method of purchasing and contracting support for these systems has not kept pace with this complexity. Initially, customers with in-house operational and development
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The information technology industry is seeing the emergence of a new channel for technology resources and information services – cloud computing. While it is a complex area with many different interpretations and definitions, there are some key principles that characterise this channel. It describes a move to an on-demand, subscription consumption of technology and information services, where assets are no longer owned by the organisations that use them and where such services may be supplied from external sources and accessed over the internet.
The cloud creates some interesting challenges for industry standards and regulation. In particular, that systems need to interoperate across physical, organisational and national boundaries and that information becomes nebulous, dynamic and mobile. Furthermore, the pace of technical change is ahead of the pace at which regulators can respond.

The cloud adds to an already fast moving industry. The total amount of electronic information held around the world is thought to double every 18 months. More data is ever being held in digital form by third parties and the risk of unapproved or malicious uses continues to increase. People are showing real inconsistency in their behaviour, demonstrating genuine concerns over data being held about them on one hand, but at the same

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