Cloud Computing Challenges And Challenges

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Cloud Computing Challenges Krishna Humagain Bellevue University CIS 647 Term Paper Revision: 2/14/15 Abstract It would be fair to say that cloud computing has changed the way the business used to do. With the evolution of cloud computing, IT companies can get software to hardware and infrastructure to staff requirement on demand. Cloud service providers also fully mange the services which can be provided at any time. Cloud computing utilizes a combination of the internet (cloud) and computer technology (computing). It is broadly defined as methods to deliver information or services to customers who pay for what they use. It uses the architecture in which one provider is giving services to multiple organizations. This paper, I will be discussing about risk and challenges of cloud computing. My main focus on the paper will be over cloud, its standardization, challenges/concerns and current business transformation. Introduction Cloud computing is a new paradigm in the computer virtualization. It has transformed the technology and business and its use is growing rapidly. Unlike traditional system, where services are hosted at physical location, cloud computing offers a virtualized shared machine in a web based environment. Cloud computing has three types of service models and four
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