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When computer services are offered physically, users have access to the resources that computers use. The services include network, storage and operating system. The term cloud computing refers to the offering of such services over the internet. Many companies charge money for their offered cloud services while others don’t. Cyber-forensic investigations have been affected by cloud computing since the beginning of the cloud. Computer Forensics is based on the investigation of crimes or policy breaches that are done through the examination of electronics and computers and other storage devices. This paper seeks to access the impact of cloud computing and storage on cyber-forensic investigations.
Cloud computing has not been left behind by
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The security measurements are different for the users and the cloud services provider. At the highest level the cloud provider makes sure the information of the user is kept safe while in the lower level individuals must make sure their credentials required in order to log into the cloud are kept secret. In case of a breach, cloud services providers will not be responsible the mishandled logins since they are not in position to identify who the real user of the service is. Therefore, as long as the correct log in is provided, anyone could access a cloud account. Accessing the cloud with someone else’s credentials is an indication of how easy it actually has become for criminals to get what they want. Hackers identify loopholes such as this to access the information and the data. In order to conceal their acts they put on measures that will protect them from being identified.
The impacts of cloud computing have touched almost every area of Information Technology. The information kept in the cloud is private and confidential and protected by laws that regulate it and protect it. The cloud providers face laws that relate to the preservation of critical information touching on taxes, security, and sometime employment regulations. Also in other circumstances, they are forced to comply with laws requiring them to destroy such information.
Nowadays, more users are storing and share information

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