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The integration of mobile devices with our daily life (e.g., smart phones, smart watches, tablets, etc.) has eliminated the location and timing restrictions on access to variety of services such as social network, web search, data storage, and entertainment. Limitations on resources (such as battery life and storage) and the need to global scalability of services have motivated companies to rely on cloud computing. Cloud computing has created a new paradigm for mobile applications where computations and storage have migrated to centralized computing platforms in the cloud. Cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Salesforce offer clients the access to cloud resources in various locations and allow them to acquire computing resources…show more content…
Driven by the fundamental problems encountered due to identification and location conflation problem in IP networks and inefficiency of TCP for intermittent links, we propose a simple yet effective solution to provide access to advanced services for vehicular nodes with varying link conditions. To address aforementioned issues, we leverage cloud resources to design and develop a framework for connected vehicles. This scalable, mobility-centric solution, through network abstractions and clustering schemes with high resilience against failure, can provide seamless connectivity, global reachability, and enhanced connection for vehicular nodes with high dynamicity and possibly no direct association to an access point. This is followed up by the introduction of the MobilityFirst architecture which supports seamless mobility of nodes in network layer. The named service layer in MobilityFirst is supported by network abstractions in the form of globally available cloud services. The distributed global name resolution service (GNRS) along with efficient vehicular clustering provides the opportunity to enable scalable services and allow seamless connectivity. The proposed scheme, called FastMF, assign to clusters of vehicles unique names that are independent from location of the clusters and the interfaces. The vehicular clusters maintain tree structures that improve performance over conventional clusters and reduce

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