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Closing Case - Planning for Rise of Cloud Computing at Microsoft 1.) Cloud computing has become a new trend in the technology world. It is the upcoming stage for the Internet where every computing need can be accessed through a web browser at anytime, anywhere. It is also very economically appealing because the cost is so cheap. Cloud services have the potential to reduce information technology (IT) costs, increase operating efficiencies and create new types of business opportunities. So, what would happen to Microsoft if they do not build on a cloud computing business? First of all they would fall behind in technology trends. The business is said to emerge with rapid growth in the years ahead. Most other companies are heavily…show more content…
Although the cost of purchasing a PC might be higher, you are gaining a longer life of that PC to defer that cost. According to the patent application, "To make this model successful, a mechanism must be in place that supports a highly secure method of adjusting performance coupled with a secure, auditable measurement and payment scheme to allow a variety of pre-paid and post-paid mechanisms for capturing and settling highly granular, infinitely adjustable, performance variations." Developed “bundles” would be priced by the hour and according to the software offered and the hardware necessary to run that software. According to, a "gaming bundle" would be more expensive because all the PC's processor cores and 3-D graphics would be used, so the cost would be $1.25 an hour. A bundle of productivity applications might use less performance so that would be priced at $1 an hour. And Web browsing or emailing might cost about $0.80 an hour. “Both users and suppliers benefit from this new business model," Microsoft claimed. The user is able to change the performance level of the computer as need be, while the supplier can gain revenue with this new pay as you go model that may have higher value than the previous business model. 3.) I do not think that Microsoft should have adopted a
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