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Cloud computing is a technology that has come full-circle in recent years. Computer equipment used to be too expensive for an average individual to own. The original industry model was a computer mainframe with dummy terminals. This fit the technical definition of Cloud Computing in a primitive sense because all data was stored and accessed from the mainframe. With the advent of the microprocessor, MS-DOS and Windows, hardware and software prices dropped and computers became commonplace in businesses and homes. This transition led to a model with personal computers storing data locally and not being connected to each other. Then as the Internet was created and the World Wide Web was developed to explore it, Personal Computers became…show more content…
Workloads are the final component of the four tiered system. Workloads involve Innovation Enablement, Software Development, Virtual Classrooms, Web 2.0 Data Intensive Processing and Scalable Transaction Processing. Server virtualization plays a key role in the Cloud Computing platform. It allows Cloud environments to be dynamically created, updated, expanded, shrunk, or relocated entirely with relative ease. It involves mapping physical resources to multiple logical representations or partitions. It also allows sets of underutilized physical servers to be combined into smaller groups of fully utilized physical servers, contributing to significant cost savings. Bare-metal hypervisors run directly on server hardware providing the virtual machines a fine-grained timesharing of physical resources. This can be accomplished with hardware such as IBM’s System z Processor Resource System Manager (PR/SM) or through software using VMware ESX Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and the open sourced Xen Hypervisor. PR/SM by IBM works by building the virtualization component directly into the firmware of the system. This makes for a highly robust and dynamic bare-metal hypervisor and gives Network Engineers and Administrators a granular ability to distribute resources to the cloud while keeping costs down. A hardware system of this nature can support dual booting of operating systems. Because firmware based bare-metal

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