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To be competitive in business it requires a high level of adaptability among business offerings as well as an underlying agile IT infrastructure. Quick paced business requirements challenge the capabilities of their corresponding IT departments to deliver innovative solutions quickly and cheaply.
Over the years, cloud computing has become and innovating solution for companies to use to keep pace with managing business needs and the corresponding IT requirements. One specific realm in cloud computing called Software as a Service (SaaS) is the notion where third party companies (such as, Taleo, and NetSuite) provide powerful applications to meet business needs via the web (e.g. the cloud). Software as a service
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The first challenge: how to accurately get information from legacy systems in the SaaS application; this is particularly important for legacy systems such as Customer Relation Management applications (CRM) where years of business data are stored on legacy systems. Legacy systems typically represent many decades of business knowledge and operation experience (Peel, 2010). In order for SaaS systems to be useful from the beginning, legacy data must be migrated to the new solution – quickly (Peel, 2010).
The second challenge involves properly synchronizing information between the SaaS application and legacy systems. Legacy systems are most likely to be the system of record for critical corporate information about customers, products, orders, and more! SaaS solutions need to synchronize information with the particular legacy subsystem so the company has a single accurate real-time view of business activities through their data. Furthermore, when dealing with differing data formats and workflows between SaaS/legacy systems it is challenging and must be done securely and reliably.
The last challenge is to extract information from SaaS solutions. While many SaaS services provide rich reporting capabilities, the reporting functionality is limited to the capabilities provided by the application vendor. There is a need to extract information from SaaS applications into existing

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