Cloud Computing

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Response 4: According to Lawrence Shawa, "a number of organizations I have spoken to have expressed concern about how secure their data is that is hosted in the cloud. There is sense of control that is taken from them making the organizations feel vulnerable" (Collection 2:1) Companies naturally feel a strong sense of obligation to protect their customers. Additionally, they may lose business if they have a reputation for compromising customer security. Customers, even if security risks are minimal, may themselves distrust cloud computing when transmitting personal data, such as doing online banking. If they only have a vague notion of what cloud computing is, the benefits and efficiencies may seem unclear and outweighed by the risks (Knorr & Gruman 2010). They too may shy away from patronizing businesses that have cloud-hosted data. However, with most changes in consumer behavior, there is always initial resistance. Such was the case with online banking, which is widely embraced, despite security concerns when it was initially released. Provided that they can address security concerns, cloud computing can be profoundly democratizing. "One of the biggest selling points of cloud computing is that it levels the playing field for small companies to compete with bigger ones in terms of IT infrastructure" (Subramanian 2008). Bibliography Knorr, Eric & Galen Gruman. 2010. What cloud computing really means. Info World. Accessed:

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