Cloud Computing Impacts On Modern Hardware And Software Applications

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Introduction The twenty first century as the digital era offers a more accessible information and widely available anytime, hardware designers and software developers increasingly emphasize the way how the cloud computing shapes electronic hardware design and system dynamic control. The cloud can be described as an ecosystem, which contains applications and maintain computer?s resources. As the specific ecosystem it needs to meet particular requirement of an enterprise such as adaptability, quick response, extensibility and the security(1). This essay aims to discuss how cloud computing impacts on modern hardware and software applications. Firstly, this report examines the theory of cloud computing. Next, it discuss the impact of cloud computing on the infrastructure and how cloud computing is changing the way of software being built. Finally, it focuses on giving details about some potential risk that need to face and solutions which can help to create and bring a new revolution to hardware and software area in the future. The theory of cloud computing Progress in the field of technology and its development as growing number of users, high demand of internet services with the minimum use of network and absorbing broad server resources forced Google to come up with a new resolving problems idea - cloud computing. In 2011 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defined five essential characteristics and three main services of cloud computing : 1.1
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