Cloud Computing Is An Internet Based Technology

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Cloud computing is an internet based technology that provide services to existing users.Here the resources are in shared pool[1].Upon user requestition these resources are provided to users. The storage capacity, elasticity and rapid changes in dynamic environment. They provide good amount of storage capacity. The data stored in pool are in vast amount. The users can be requested any amount of data. Cloud computing provides four types of cloud infrastructures. They are as follows.
1.Private cloud
2.Public cloud
3.Hybrid cloud 4.Community cloud.
Private cloud: They provide services such as security, availability of resources etc. They provide authentication and privileges to particular private organizations.
Public cloud: They provides certain services that are access to public group and services will be provided to all. The main drawback of this public cloud is that security will be at minimum amount.
Hybrid cloud: The hybrid cloud provide internal control using private cloud and migrate the application from public cloud to private cloud as needed. The security access to these services are open to all.
Community cloud: As name suggests, the servcies are provided to only particular group of members. These cloud is rarely used.
Based upon the services provided by them, they are categorized into 3 types[2], namely

1.SaaS(Software as a Service):
The services are provided and registered managed by service providers. People always just refer…
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