Cloud Computing Is Becoming The Most Popular And Key Service

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Since the 2000s, cloud computing has become the most phenomenal IT service in the IT industry. It changed the whole IT industry upside down. Cloud computing is becoming the most popular and key service that is offered by many IT service providers including, Amazon, Google, (Leong, 2014) These companies top specialists in cloud computing. In addition to cloud computing,, leading traditional ERP service providers, such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Net Suite (Li, 2014) also provide their ERP software as Software as a Service. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software that allows an organisation to integrate data across all of their applications. This assists them to manage the business process and automate the functions related to technology. (Motiwalla et. al., 2012) On-premises was the only ERP deployment method until cloud ERP came along. On-premises deployment methods are internally hosted and maintained by the company. They involve a high initial investment, if the organisation doesn’t have an IT department or IT experts. They have to invest money for IT departments/staff training, and maintaining the ERP system, which includes hardware, servers, and networks. When an ERP upgrade comes, IT department has to redeploy their ERP according to their previous customisation. This process is time consuming and requires a hugheffort, if the upgradeto the ERP is to be successful. Because of these reasons, most Small and
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