Cloud Computing Is Becoming The Most Popular Topic

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Cloud computing is becoming the most popular topic in the realm of Information technology. Its popularity stems from the ability to allow with limited knowledge, to be able to access their information anytime and anywhere while reducing overhead and costs. Additionally, reduces the need for backups; this is because backups are done automatically, between different servers in the “cloud”. Even with the obscurity, cloud computing is really just a way to outsource computing resources, and have a third party maintain and upgrade them. Allowing companies to avoid the upfront investment in hardware and labor. Even though cloud computing may seem like a silver bullet to a company, cloud computing presents a whole new set of very serious risks…show more content…
The second cloud computing model is Platform as a service (PaaS), which gives customers all the tools necessary to “support the complete lifecycle of building and delivering web-based (cloud) applications” (IBM). The third cloud computing model is Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Infrastructure as a service permits customers to use the computing power, storage and the network resources of cloud firm’s server systems. Most cloud providers like Amazon web service have you only “only pay for how much you consume” and companies are signing up in record numbers (Amazon Web Service). For many companies, it would be a no brainer to try and utilize whichever cloud model applies to their company. Since all three clouds computing models have the key benefits of allowing customers to avoid the cost and intricacy of purchasing and managing hardware and software systems, that the projected revenue for cloud services in 2015 is $177 Billion (Contegix). V. However, the question to switch to cloud services is not always a no brainer. If a company or organization does not consider the potential risks associated with going to the cloud, there could be serious implications as a result of this oversight. The first and most threatening risk is data leakage. “The cloud offers a rich target for hackers, criminals, terrorists, and rogue nations. With cyber-espionage affecting every sector of our economy, aggregating important information in one location is a legitimate security concern. You

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