Cloud Computing Is Secure And Safe Enough Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not cloud computing is secure and safe enough to store your information in. The world of cloud computing is constantly expanding to the point that it is a useful resource on a personal, private, and international level. Cloud computing is continuously evolving in this modern day and age and so are the threats to its security. Cloud computing has grown into a flexible and scalable environment overtime, it began by trying to make computer systems remotely timeshare their applications. Latter-day cloud computing refers to the variety of services that the cloud performs such as email, document access, maps, calendars, web analytics, storage, and text translations. Background Early Studies Cloud computing started in the 1950s because of the problems that arose from mainframe computing - it needed larges amounts of sharing capacity & processing power corporations and learning institutes had to struggle with sharing access to a mainframe. This was done by "time-sharing," which allowed multiple users to access a single mainframe using terminals that had no internal processing capabilities of their own. In 1955, John McCarthy, a Stanford University and MIT alumni who was a computer scientist, invented with the theory of time-sharing. McCarthy said “computing paradigm where the boundaries of computing will be determined by economic rationale rather than technical limits alone” He also said “computation may someday be
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