Cloud Computing Is The Delivery Of Computing Services For Their Office Automation Requirements

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1 Cloud Computing in Daily Operations Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services over the internet. The computing services include: infrastructure, development platforms and software applications. Cloud services are privately owned for the purpose of remotely provisioning scalable and measured IT resources from data centers located around the world. Cloud computing can assist organisations improve the creation and delivery of IT solutions by allowing them to access services more flexibly and cost effectively. In public cloud computing, services are delivered by a third party to its external customers. In private cloud computing, IT provides services to internal customers. The critical points that SoftArc must consider…show more content…
• Scalability: Growing organisations need solutions that are able to grow with them. • Mobility: As the adoption of smart phones and smart devices increase, so does user demands and the need to have highly available platforms and resources that are easily accessible. Other key drivers behind the adoption of cloud computing are operational costs and improved performance to existing systems. Key points to consider: • What are your business drivers for moving daily operations to the cloud? 1.2 Office Automation Organisations are progressively considering the change of on premise base collaboration and communication tools to a cloud office system such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work. Exchange, Lync and SharePoint are heavily reliant on Active Directory. The manner in which the SoftArc’s domain name is affected depends on whether you choose to maintain an on premise Active Directory and whether identity federation is used. There are a number of compliance and security issues associated with SharePoint in the cloud, organisations must ensure that SharePoint is being used in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, industry standards and company policies. Key points to consider: • Identity federation vs partial re-delegation Active Directory setup. • An Exchange migration moves mailbox data to the cloud. • SharePoint compliance requirements. 1.3 Connectivity Cloud
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