Cloud Computing Is The New Megatrend

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Executive summary Cloud computing is the new megatrend that is becoming one of the fundamental building blocks within companies. The main purpose of it is to enhance productivity at a lower cost of operations and allowing companies to concentrate on their core business competence rather than infrastructure issues. This paper illustrates the advantages such as economic benefits of Cloud computing as well as disadvantages of it, which are security and privacy concerns. It also provides a detailed explanation on how I see the future of Cloud computing within My & Say Accounting CPA firm. Advantages What is Cloud computing in general? It basically is an assembly of computing software and services that can be accessed through the Internet…show more content…
As I mentioned earlier, Cloud computing can be beneficial for all types of companies both small and large businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses do not have the same budget to spend on IT departments as large enterprises and so Cloud computing can enable them to invest in IT and expand with no upfront costs. At the same time, large firms can also benefit from the advantages that Cloud computing can offer, such as reduced capital costs, enhanced productivity and optimal performance. Cloud computing enables large corporations expand their brand visibility and increase functionality. The business world has gone mobile, and that trend will only continue as more and more people work remotely. Being able to access the services anytime from anywhere and anytime can accelerate mobility and efficiency. And lastly, cloud computing allows companies to focus their technology personnel on more strategic and profitable activities because Cloud providers are the ones who are responsible for updating and managing applications. Disadvantages As I mentioned above, cloud computing is relatively new, and like any other new technology, it brings with it exposure and risks. As more and more data is migrated online, concerns are beginning to grow about just how safe it is. Indeed, because every component in Cloud computing is potentially accessible from the Internet, security in the Cloud

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