Cloud Computing Is Used By A Large Number Of Organizations

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Cloud computing is currently being used by a large number of organizations. Many consider it a major development of the decade in computing. In this article I define cloud computing, various services available on the cloud infrastructure, then discuss the technological trends which have led to its emergence, its advantages and disadvantages, and the applications which are appropriate to outsource to a cloud computing service. Background: All of us have been using cloud computing services without being aware of it. Whenever you send an email using Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Hotmail, you are using the email software running on the computer infrastructure provided by Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft. These are ‘free’ cloud software services. (Rajaraman. V) Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network (WAN), Internet connection using the World Wide Web etc. Servers in a cloud may be accessed by a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or even a Smart phone. These have a bloated OS, take minutes to boot, become obsolete fast, need virus protection, and are expensive. A device called Thin Client1 which is a terminal to access servers connected to a network has been used for over a decade that have a good graphical user interface, are less expensive than PCs, do not become obsolete, and do not need virus protection. In 2011 Google designed a low-cost, mobile thin client like device called Chromebook to access the cloud. It has a Linux-based

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