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CLOUD COMPUTING NAME: INSTITUTION: Question 1. What is the most appropriate Cloud Deployment model (or combination) for BPI (Public, Private, Community, or Hybrid)? One of the main things that we need to understand in the process of selecting the appropriate cloud development model for BPI is to understand what cloud deployment is all about. Cloud has been used for a while now and as business and security comes, it is predicted to be rising faster as years come by. The ubiquitous term cloud refers to anything that is being delivered today through the internet and in simple terms, cloud is where one can rent technology and information services on the internet through the providers. Most companies are today turning their focus on…show more content…
Cloud bursting refers to case where the current existing infrastructure of the private cloud is unable to handle load spikes and thus requires an option of fallback in order to support the load. For this reason, the cloud will be able to transfer the workloads between the private and the public hosting without inconveniencing with the company, banking institutions or the consumers. With 800 employees, handling millions of clients and the several banking institutions, the payment technology platform that runs on Red Hat Linux needs to run smoothly without misbalancing operations from any end of the users. BPI has a data center in addition to the production payments processing platforms that allows the users worldwide to access services like email, file services, image library amongst others and this means that the data processed on daily basis is normally big, therefore, BPI should the hybrid cloud storage in order to retain the accumulated sales, business and any other data and then run the analytical queries within the public cloud which can actually scale in order to support the increasing demand of the distributed computing tasks. Lastly is the security issue that can be achieved while using the hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud model offers the on-premises, what we can refer to as a private infrastructure that is only directly accessible by BPI. This will reduce the random access latency and time. Since there is an increased risk of
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