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In many cases like this one, an organization should always have a backup strategy. Some of the actions that I would take would be performing a backup on a USB flash drive which will be kept in a safe place with the office. As for the profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and other pertinent files will be updated daily, backed up and performed daily. If files are needed to be shared, a cloud backup system can be implemented. A disaster recovery plan should be set forth with three different sites * Hot Site- “A separate and fully equipped facility where the company can move immediately after a disaster and resume business.” * Cold Site- “A separate facility that does not have any computer equipment, but is a place where…show more content…
* Maintainability- Diverse employment will be preferred so that there are no language barriers for the customers. Obviously when the company starts picking up business and there are considerations of going global then our system will have to be redeveloped. * Portability- There will be different operating systems. Whether it’s through the Apple iTunes which will be available for us if we decide upon a Mac computer or any other PC computer. * Usability- Employees will get the proper training in order to make their work experience as understanding and satisfying as possible. Any type of hints or tips will be available for understanding the system better. There are a multitude of benefits in the utilization of cloud computing. A primary function of cloud computing is the availability of universal access to files throughout any given level of an organization. As documents and other database driven information are stored off-site, there is often a reduction of costs, due to the minimization of on site hosting software and hardware alike. The many reasons to utilize cloud computing are evident, however, as all other technological advantages, there are also a large variety of companies that offer these services with different benefits, costs and application choices. Some of the most recognized corporations offer cloud computing such as icloud, Google Apps, Amazon Cloud Drive, and many others. All organizations offer

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