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user. Here in our paper the TPA audits the requested user’s data without reading the actual content of the data of the requested user so that preserving more privacy and auditing in a effective way so that the client gets the required results so that he user can take his further steps in improving their data security. II. RELATED WORK Cloud Computing has many threats which are disturbing gigantic acceptance of cloud. Major threats that affect data integrity and privacy in cloud storage. In order to reduce this type of threats in cloud many researches are going on. A. Existing system: Many useful solutions were come in to picture by these research to reduce the threats in data integrity. Many approaches were come in to picture to assure…show more content…
B. Proposed System In this proposed system our security protocols for data storage in the cloud with the aforementioned research goals with aim to give security and started with some basic solutions to provide the integrity assurance of cloud data along with their demerits. Then started to present our protocol which supports the public auditability, alerts to the requested user by providing alerts and the data dynamics. Extending our results and support for the Batch auditing for TPA upon request from the multi-user in multi-cloud environment in a distributed manner. Coming to issues in this cloud, enormous threats are raised as in Attacks on cloud. One of the major threats are data privacy and integrity. As mentioned in the existing system through many solutions and TPA can do with the auditing process by verifying blocks of the files to check the integrity of files stored by a remote server who provides the service without any knowledge of the actual data contents by comparing each in the batch auditing manner. It has three phases: initialization, verification, and extraction for authentication we use the Encryption along with the block wise verifiability to maintain the local copy of data. Advantages of Proposed Model: For the secure data verifiability of the user data who stores their data in the cloud here in this paper using the secure Encryption methods along with the block wise verifiability to maintain the local copy of data. The requested user

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