Cloud Computing Security Analysis : Analysis

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Cloud Computing Security Analysis Zewen Zhu Telecommunications Engineering University of Maryland MD, USA Abstract – Cloud computing is a popular technology nowadays. Users of the cloud computing services share computing resources from the cloud service providers to run their applications in the cloud. The cloud computing provides users with high scalable, available, and reliable on-demand service that can be rapid provisioned and with minimal management effort. However the cloud is a multi-tenant environment with large amount of users, the security of the cloud is most concerned issue. This paper will analyze the data security issues of cloud computing and what actions cloud service providers can take to protect the users’ data in the cloud. Keyword—Cloud computing; data security I. Introduction Cloud computing is an advanced computing technology based on the Internet environment to share the computing resources. Cloud computing refers to the services and applications delivered via Internet and also refers to hardware and software in the datacenters that provide those services. Cloud computing model has five characters, three service models, and three deployment models [1]. Five characters are: On-demand self-service: Customers can use Cloud computing services based on their need and interaction with service providers in not required. Broad network access: Customers have access to the cloud resources via different platforms from anywhere. Resource pooling: Customers
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