Cloud Computing Security : Cloud Technology Security

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In 2006 Eric Schmidt Google’s CEO used the term cloud to describe the business model of providing services across the internet. Since then cloud computing has become the most popular IT standards. It is used by various organizations to consume shared computing and storage resources in less time and reduced cost. Cloud Computing Security Cloud computing security is a set of control based technologies and policies that must follow certain rules in order to protect applications, data and any information associated with cloud computing. It is known to provide excellent services but is still not supported by organizations due to privacy issues that includes security and privacy protection. As they obstruct the managers as well as the…show more content…
Therefore a model should be developed to promote CIA. By encrypting data, scheduled back up and access control, CIA can be provided. Security Research In cloud computing there are two models of security research – Trusted Computing and Information Centric Security discussed below that helps in tackling security issues and attracting a lot more consumers to save time and resources. A. Trusted Computing: There have always been trust issues between users and cloud providers which is why most of the IT companies do not use cloud. However, this trust can be generated by including a third party known as remote server attestation [1] [4] and also by providing improved security policies. This states that secured data is the core operation rather than an add on operation and therefore the Trusted Computing system is essential because it encrypts the application and the data further giving the decryption key to the trusted program and information [13]. Trust Computing Platform (TCP) comprises of two components namely Trusted Virtual Machine Monitors (TVMM) and Trusted Coordinator. As the name suggests, TVMM is responsible for hosting the user’s virtual machines (VM) and protects their VM’s modifications and inspections. While, the Trusted Coordinator uses certain set of nodes that are
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