Cloud Computing Security Essay

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Cloud computing facilitates sharing of computing and storage resources with the aim of reducing computing expenses in organizations. Moreover, cloud computing facilitates information sharing among individuals within a cloud. Despite being advantageous, data stored in a cloud is usually prone to hacking and other security issues. This paper addresses the various mitigation measures that organizations are using to ensure that data stored in the cloud is secure.

Despite the numerous advantages offered by cloud computing, security is a big issue concerned with cloud computing. There are various security issues and concerns associated with cloud computing, among them being phishing, data loss and data privacy. There are
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Amazon also employs the principle of data encryption to ensure data security in its cloud. Vormetric Data Security provides data security in Amazon’s cloud through data encryption (Vormetric, 2011). According to Vormetric (2011), clients using the Amazon computing cloud can control and protect their private data through encryption. Powerful encryption and flexible key management Vormetric offered for Amazon ensures that both structured and unstructured data in Amazon cloud is secure (Vormetric, 2011). As such, clients using Amazon cloud computing can confidently store and search for files and database in the cloud.
Establishment and maintenance of physical security at data storage centers is also important to ensure that data stored in the cloud is secure. Moreover, it is important that data stored in the cloud be protected from accidental loss especially when there is a breakdown of facilities and infrastructure. According to Infosecurity (2010), Google ensures that security is enhanced at data centers to avoid any possible attack and access to the data. For instance, data stored in the government cloud, GovCloud, is usually stored in secured United States servers (Bradley, 2010). Moreover, data in Google clouds is usually stored in different data centers in order to ensure that data is always secure and available even in cases a data center breaks down (Bradley, 2010).
Phishing is one
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