Cloud Computing Services

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The popularity of mobile system with the headway in engineering, with the increment of Internet utilization, comprehensively reinvent the old idea of network computing system, to the new buzzword "Cloud computing". Cloud computing is a link way to the usage of Cloud which process by transmitting and receiving files in utilizing Internet. Most systems uses either of the three major models of cloud computing services on the market, which are software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
SaaS is an application level cloud service that provides interface software and database. User simply accesses the software running on the back-end server of the cloud clients such as web browsers, emulators and mobile web browser, and use the services. The best example of this services is a web-based email service. Users are able to send or receive emails from web browser remotely without installing or running email software on his/her device. The essential software are running on the Cloud Computer which allow user to access the desire resources from any supported devices.
PaaS is a platform level cloud service that provide an operating system, database and web server, in which the developers build the applications using different software development tools and to run on a cloud platform. The example of this service can be seen on Google App Engine hosted by Google. Once the user login to his/her account, he/she able to develop
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