Cloud Computing : Services, Security, And Resilience

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Cloud Computing: Services, Security and, Resilience Sai Prasad Setty  Department of Computer Science, Florida State University, Tallahassee E-mail: Abstract Eciency is one of the essential metrics that determines the acceptability of an operational system. In computing too experts have had to tackle the issue of eciency in terms of space and time; and striking a balance between the two. With the rapid advancement in technology over the past few decades, this exchange has evolved into a crucial trade-o between performance and security. Cloud computing, a sort of fruition of combination of numerous existing ideas like virtualization, client-server model of online service amongst many more, is presently undergoing…show more content…
The need for virtualiza- tion arises as these resources are shared amongst multiple users. The rst key aspect to note here is the fact that these services are provided over a network. Hence, typical network security issues like threat/attack on availability is one such concern amongst many. The second important detail to note here is that Cloud resources are gener- ally shared among multiple users. This provides ground for issues related to privacy. Thirdly, as with any system that necessitates administrative supervision and manage- ment, proper security measures and good practices become obligatory. In light of the above mentioned concerns secure, resilient and tolerant Clouds have become a hotbed for important research work. Thus, it should be vividly clear and evident that security is equally signi cant as performance. 2 APPENDIX A Cloud Environment Setup for Failure Injection Experiment The systems used in this experiment are Amazon Web Services EC2 machines. Three instances of Linux machines are made active using free tier services of AWS. Each Linux instance is given memory equally not crossing the cumulative limit of 30 GB. Apache Hadoop package is downloaded and installed into three systems i.e. nodes of HDFS (Name node, Secondary name node, slave node). The AnarchyApe pack- age is installed on all the three active systems (Linux instances) to inject failures. The Cloudwatch feature of AWS is not used as it is not available under the free services
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