Cloud Computing : The Digital Revolution

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Cloud computing, even though some of the concepts were around for since as far back as the 1950’s, is considered the latest digital revolution. Cloud computing is a very controversial subject and term because of its old roots however, cloud computing is the evolution of these technologies and paradigms. Cloud is an alignment of procedures, hardware, and software to create a redundant, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions for developers, consumers, and businesses. The cloud allows us to access store and access data from anywhere in the world. The Cloud can scale to theoretically unlimited computing resources such as Central Processing Unit (CPU) power, Persistent Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage, and Random Access Memory (RAM) to run more robust applications. The unparalleled possibility in scalability of the cloud rids us of the limitations and the growing pains traditionally had when scaling physical devices and at fraction of the cost. This paradigm also allows for companies to focus on what they do best verses needing to investing in, spending time on building the technology to complete their company’s vision. The cloud an extremely disruptive trend. The cloud today is being used to house unfathomable amounts of user or business data from systems designed for entertainment like Valve Software’s Steam, a digital software distribution entertainment platform or critical business data like with Google’s Business Apps which of Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs are but a few…

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