Cloud Computing : The Future

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This paper explores some valuable benefits of cloud computing. It explores how it may become in the future, and examines its advantages and disadvantages. Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity. Many people hear the term and use it but some are unaware or confused by what it really means. This paper helps understand what the cloud is and how it works. First, it explains and demonstrates with some examples how organizations can reduce their cost in the future and how they can also improve their security by using cloud computing. Second, it describes the different types and platforms of cloud computing services. Finally this paper explore the challenges ahead cloud computing.

Cloud computing also known as on demand computing is an internet based computing service. Rather than having your files and applications stored on your computer, you store them at a different location over the internet. Computer technology is moving very fast. Only few years ago, computers were very expensive and had very low hard disk drive space. People used to save their files on floppy disks, zip drives, etc. Today. Computing is being sent to the cloud. The faster internet connections have become, the more applications and storages have moved to the Cloud and out of internal servers and PCs. Such a move to cloud was not possible until now, because the internet broadband connectivity did not exist and now such existence makes cloud computing a true possibility for not only…
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