Cloud Computing : Top Five Challenges For The Enterprise

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Cloud Computing – Top Five Challenges for the Enterprise:
Cloud computing has recently emerged as a ground-breaking model for hosting and delivering services over the Internet. This paradigm is engaging to business organizations since it removes the need for users to plan ahead for provisioning and enables enterprises to start from minimal and increase resources only when there is an increase in demand for service. However, the deployment and implementation of cloud computing for enterprises has been characterized with various challenges and security concerns. In essence, the successful deployment and cloud computing in an enterprise needs proper planning and understanding of the various emerging threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and potential counter-measures. As there are top five challenges in cloud computing for the enterprise, there are various available solutions with varying benefits and limitations, which necessitate the development of a new solution.
Cloud Computing Concept: As previously mentioned, cloud computing has recently emerged as a pioneering model for hosting and distributing services over the Internet. Actually, the model entails sharing resources on a huge scale through a value effective and location independent process. While the resources on the cloud are deployed by the seller, they are utilized by the consumer (Belamkar, 2014). Cloud computing is very beneficial to organizations and companies because it is engaging to business organizations…
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