Cloud Computing, Virtualization And Virtual Machine

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As for the requirement of the course, I would like to request for the permission to write the course report on “Cloud computing, virtualization and virtual machine”. The report will intend to provide readers the basic knowledge of how the cloud service work, what virtualization is and how various institution is using the technology. I have done the basic research for the topic and have come to the conclusion that I will be able to write an acceptable report on the topic. My experience at work has also provided me with practical experience related to the topic.

Cloud and Virtualization
Cloud computing and virtualization allows versatility regarding accessibility of service from remote location.
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is the idea where application runs on a remote server that is provided as a commercial service by a company rather than an institution or individual’s local machine. Cloud computing has made possible to provided Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (Beaty, 2013,p. 88-93)

Virtualization allows one or more physical servers to be connected and configured in a way that it presents itself as a single physical machine with large resource. The user can then divide the resource based on the need of the application and service. The most recent use of this service today in enterprise and institution is creating virtual machine for virtual desktops and virtual servers. Virtualization also reduces the need to
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