Cloud Ides ( Integrated Development Environments

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1 Introduction ============== 1.1 Overview ------------ With the enrollment of the new Computing curriculum to all schools in the UK, teachers have less time - they also have to learn about programming and its principles. Although many resources are available for learning programming [@berry_computing_2013], there have been a lack of resources; knowledge and tools to modify the complex network environment, to set-up a working compilation environment for embedded systems[@harbird_problem_2015]. Microsoft, in hope to resolve this issue and support Computing education, has requested UCL students to tackle this problem . Cloud IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) have become more common over the last few years. The computational…show more content…
Cloud Computing removes computational limitations to services and therefore it is the most suitable platform for compilation. Using Microsoft 's Azure Cloud as a solution, the majority of set-up procedures will be replaced by a delegated CaaS, bringing many benefits to users across the UK. Influenced by real problems faced in similar classroom environments, a customised Cloud solution has been developed to end the frustrations. 1.2 Project Goals ----------------- The aim of this project is - to build a compilation system that will output a binary formatted file - to have a compilation system that is compatible with various embedded devices - to have the ability to detect and provide debug information. 1.3 Personal Aims ----------------- The aim of this project is - to learn Python programming language - to understand Cloud Computing, as it is one of the upcoming technologies that is revolutionising the IT industry - understand real issues when teaching ICT and be a contributing hand in the education of programming 1.4 Project Structure --------------------- Beginning the project with a meeting with Mr Peli de Helleux from Microsoft, the overview of the project had been a open one, with much room for experimentation and exploration. Breaking down the project into achievable tasks, the milestones were set to mark significant
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