Cloud Literature Review

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1) Project Aim – The aim of this project is to analyze emerging business opportunities of the “Cloud Computing” business. 2) Purpose- The purpose of the project is to help inform BT’s corporate strategy teams about emerging opportunities for Group Investment. BT would like to understand how different value chains will form around specific socio-economic and technology trends. This will enable BT management to understand in a systematic way which markets and specific propositions BT might be able to enter to grow the business profitably. 3) Objectives- • To make Business and commercial analysis of cloud computing. • To undertake competitors analysis of existing market players. • To explore business case development. •…show more content…
It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign. Somebody is saying this is inevitable — and whenever you hear somebody saying that, it’s very likely to be a set of businesses campaigning to make it true.” Cloud computing can be preciously defined as “Large pool of easily usable and accessible virtualized recourses such as hardware, platform, which can be dynamically reconfigured to adjust to a variable load allowing also for an optimum resource utilization this pool of resource will typically exploited by pay per user model in which guarantees are offered by the infrastructure provider by means of SLA's (vaquero et al)”. Three aspects are new in Cloud Computing in term of hardware: 1) Infinite computing resources available on demand, which eliminates the need for users to plan far ahead for provisioning. 2) Up-front commitment can be eliminated by Cloud users where companies can start small and increase hardware resources only when there is an increase in their needs. 3) The ability to pay on a short-term basis as needed (e.g. processors by the hour) and releases them afterwards. To play a role of cloud provider companies need to have already developed strengths. States by Berkeley “Realizing the economies of scale afforded by statistical multiplexing and bulk purchasing which requires companies to
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