Cloud Of Cloud Based Technology

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Cloud based technology is a computer based service which allows a large number of computers to be actively connected to one another through an internet connection and software. A few examples of cloud based computing are Drop box, Google drive, MS One Drive, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Hotmail, just to name a few.
The cloud computing service is a great advancement in technology. However, just like any other computer service, cloud computing also has its own disadvantages.
In terms of advantages, cloud computing presents many, including but not limited to the following:
1. Cost effectiveness and efficiency – people who use cloud do not have to spend much on valuable software or hardware since it is an internet-based computing that anybody can subscribed to for a fee easy enough to fit your budget (Viswanathan).

This feature of cloud computing also makes it more advantageous for most businesses, big or small, since it can significantly reduce cost as it promotes automation, which thereby saves them payroll costs as well as infrastructure costs (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing”).

2. Accessibility – cloud computing, being internet-based, allows file sharing that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As such, team members from remote areas are able to connect, communicate, edit and make updates to their work in real time and be able to view, discuss, address any issues without having a meeting that would require them to commute or fly to different…
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