Cloud Of Cloud Based Technology

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Cloud based technology is a computer based service which allows a large number of computers to be actively connected to one another through an internet connection and software. A few examples of cloud based computing are Drop box, Google drive, MS One Drive, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Hotmail, just to name a few. The cloud computing service is a great advancement in technology. However, just like any other computer service, cloud computing also has its own disadvantages. In terms of advantages, cloud computing presents many, including but not limited to the following: 1. Cost effectiveness and efficiency – people who use cloud do not have to spend much on valuable software or hardware since it is an internet-based computing that…show more content…
On the same token, such feature advantage of cloud computing also allows family members and friends to virtually connect and communicate anytime and anywhere at little or no cost at all as most of these apps nowadays come with the device, i.e. Facetime, Skype, etc. 3. Flexibility – with cloud, all you need is internet connection. As such, more businesses now allow employees to work at home as an employment perk to give them a work-life balance flexible to fit their schedule. With cloud offering the same services through mobile apps, working while travelling has never been made any easier, i.e. laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. Cloud computing is also quite flexible in terms of server capacity as you can scale up or down when your needs fluctuate (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing”). 4. Increased productivity and competitiveness – are another advantage of cloud computing. Being the ultimate virtual platform of storing, communicating, sending, and sharing data anywhere and everywhere, businesses are now able to stay on the competitive edge (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing”). As such, given the benefits of costs reduction, accessibility, and flexibility, productivity also takes a leap. Even small businesses now can compete with some of the giants in the industry because of cloud computing’s “pay as you go” service and applications at least costs (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing”). 5. Automatic Software
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