Cloud Services For Synergetic Web Based Project Management System

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Cloud Services for Synergetic Web Based Project
Management System
The paper deals with the current use of Project management in the software applications. Project management is the science (and art) of organizing the components of a project, whether the development of a new product or the launch of a new service. It is not something that’s a part of normal business operations. A project consumes resources and it has funding limits. Lehner (2010) stated that project knowledge management process is playing a key role in the organizations and reinforcing them to manage the entire activities of the organizations. In this paper we are presenting project management system (P.M.S.) based on cloud computing. Lack of deference and
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Cloud based project management system will provide solution to all these issues. Cloud based project management system provide platform to user which can help all stakeholder from various level of project can actively participate in project development. Each associate will have its access according to their privilege. The cloud based PMS Solution will give you-and your team greater real-time insight into project requirements. And the unavoidable changes of the scope that crosses the boundaries of the distributed teams. Cloud based PMS will help you to observe all software development lifecycle activities like
• Requirement analysis
• Prototyping
• Design
• Development
• Testing

There will be transparency between client and organization. Client can access information like how much work has been processing on project. Whether application features are according to client’s requirements. They can put their requirement any time without requiring any actually time-consuming meeting with company officials. Project manager should get day-by-day review about project progress and problem. People from different levels of software development team and client can contribute in software development procedure by giving suggestions (Thayer, 2005).
Cloud based P.M.S. is another important feature is that it implements agile software development model. One of the most important factors is

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