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Week 11 Discussion 1. The days have gone when personal documents, photos and music was stored on computer’s hard drive. Cloud storage is the solution to the ever-present need of storage of all digital property. Cloud storage is an alternate to buy new hard disks and deleting old files to create space. It is convenient and cost-effective. Cloud storage stores data on a server and not local hard drive. This helps in having back up, sync and access to the data on all possible devices that have internet connection. 2. I personally feel that it is a very good way to track personal information. At the same time I also feel that the mobiles today are so high-end that they have huge storage capacity in-built. Music, photos and documents…show more content…
The request line which contains command, target source, name, protocol name, version number etc. The request headers are file type information client accepts. The optional entity body passes bulk information to server. 2. Two important measures of a websites performance are: * Number of visitors: The number of times a particular website is searched for indicates the usefulness and informative feature of the website. * ease of function: The ease at which the people can browse and navigate is another important feature. The site should be user-friendly. 3. The appeal of cloud computing is that it is cost effective. It allows companies to take advantage of software without having to install any hardware. Users do not need to make upgrades to the system or reconfigure their servers; the vendor of the software manages all of the software changes. Storing data can get expensive really quick, just look at the different prices for iPhones based on how many gigabytes of space they have. For companies storing digital data the same concept applies. More data means more storage and more money needs to be spent. They pay for the servers and infrastructure to support those servers, and you pay a monthly access fee for a desired amount of space. Having cloud computing, whether it is on your own expense or through a third party, allows greater and easier accessibility to data. Data is stored on a central server and any internet connected device

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