Cloud Technology

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“Keeping Your Head in The Clouds”

(Cloud Technology)

By: Azariah Foxworth

North Carolina Central University Durham, NC


Within the past 10 years our societies technological advantages have been somewhat space age like, even alien like characteristics. Technologies, which ten years ago only existed in our dreams but yet, have become reality. Things like, the revolutionary iPhone and its almost seamless touch-screen tech; as well as the new advancements in our cultures most prized possession, The Internet. In this subject-based paper, I will take a closer look into a fairly new emerging technology, which is simply referred to as…Cloud Technology. The synopsis will cover, what and how cloud technology works, its
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Typical information system for a B2C provides application or virtual storefront by which consumers enter and manage their orders in the Cloud / Network.

E-Commerce is the electronic purchasing and selling of goods and services over a private and or public computer network, which is usually Internet based. For instance, you as a customer would select an item online with the network, and then through this network would affect the purchase. This transaction is also known as a Clearinghouse or electronic exchange. Majorly all e-commerce applications utilize the three-tier architecture, which can be seen in Figure 8-5 of the Experiencing MIS textbook. The three tiers are made up of a user tier, server tier, and a database tier. The user tier consists of computers that have browsing capabilities that request and process web pages, and other database through the Cloud technology, as well as Web 2.0. The server tier also utilizes computers that run Web servers to generate Web pages, Cloud locations, and other data in response to request from browsers. These servers also process application programs as well. Most importantly the database tier is in place to run the database management systems (DBMS), and receive and process structured query language (SQL) to receive and store data. As effective as e-commerce is, there are some major setbacks that plague the industry. Some
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