Cloudbuss is a Cloud-based Business

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CLOUD based business "CLOUDBUS": A cloud market, consists of different kinds of clouds like computing, storage, and deliver content clouds, be available to end users and businesses. Users can interact with the cloud market, either transparently, using applications that take advantage of the clouds, or expressly, by providing resources and applications in accordance to the needs of the application. Currently, it is the responsibility of users for interaction straight with the provider cloud. In the context of a real market cloud, Users will have a interaction indirectly with providers clouds, but will not rely on a market maker or component metadata broker, which is responsible for providing the best services according to budget and limitations of users. Client will broker the clouds, integral part of the directly into applications, or available as a discrete, interacting with a market maker by specifying the required quality of service parameters through a service level agreement. The query result, the meta-broker to identify the best options available between all cloud providers belong to the cloud market. Like this interaction takes place via the parent interfaces detectable by provider or through brokerage services uniform. Figure 7: The Cloud bus. Tool kit - A layers of technologies and components for market using Cloud computing For increase their chances of providing better service to customers, and can be different cloud

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