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History of cloud computing
The word "cloud" is used to represent the internet and other communications systems. Cloud computing is the result of an evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualization, service-oriented architecture, autonomic, and utility computing in the past, telecommunications companies mainly gave simply dedicated, point-to-point data circuits to their users. Starting from the 1990's, virtual private network services was included in their contributions. It made the telecommunication companies offer equally improved services whereby cutting down on cost as well as using resources effectively. The term "cloud" represented the computing space between the provider and the end user. In 1997, Professor Ramnath Chellapa of
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In 2005 the first hosted cloud platform was built and set up by Eze Castle Integration. The hedge fund hotel in New York City commenced in 2008 which joined a cloud computing environment with fully managed office suites. 200+ users were supported in the cloud environment. Eze Private Cloud was launched officially in 2009.As at 2010 Exe Private cloud were running more than 30 applications .Eze Private Cloud runs over 60 applications now. Eze Private Cloud expanded its data centers in London and San Francisco in 2011.2000 cloud users and a perabyte of data was reached in 2012 by Eze Castle and hence the Eze Private Cloud was expanded to Hong Kong and Singapore. EzePrivate Cloud has over 3,600 users depending on the premier IT infrastructure as at 2013.
Individual use on request -The resources can be used at anywhere, anyplace and at any time via a global network. There is no need for human intervention from a service provider in order to access the resources

Wide range of network access capacities-different devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones and tablet devices can be used to access the network. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google, IBM and use Cloud service. Whiles, New York Times and NASDAQ use AWS (NIST).

Allocation of resources-They are grouped to serve a large number of simultaneous users. Computing resources are joint together to serve numerous
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