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Writing from residences in countries at great distances from Australia, Winton developed a longing for his home and more specifically for an Australia of the past. His homesickness made him rediscover through his memories an Australia which he loved, which was slowing evolving into a country which was unrecognisable to his childhood. In Cloudstreet, Tim Winton reflects on Australia’s landscape which is quickly being turned into a suburbia which seems disjointed from natural state of the Australian land. Similarly the culture of the Australian community and sense of camaraderie is presented as integral to an Australia which Winton is increasingly nostalgic about throughout the novel.

Winton often uses the characteristics of the Australian
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Oriel, va woman raised in the bosom of the Australian outback, on a farm as the primary care giver of her younger siblings, displays a stoicism which is integral in the success of her family and the shop at Cloudstreet. Each day “she puts on the full armour” and puts every ounce of her strength into the lives of the people around her almost to the consequence of her own sanity. Winton contrasts this to the Rose’s first boyfriend, Toby Raven, a vacuous writer who is more interested in places and people “who are in the know”. In presenting Toby Raven as a superficial and social climbing he is making a comment on the new breed of Australians who are populating the rapidly changing Australia. Most strikingly this contrast in morals is displayed by Toby Raven’s lack of decorum in mocking Rose’s family back at Cloudstreet, and his inability to be responsible for deceiving his literary friends. Toby Raven and his associates represent the new breed of Australian, a type which would be all too familiar to late 20th century Tim Winton. Such is the reason why Cloudstreet is centred around the stoic and hardworking Lamb and Pickles families, individuals who embody what Winton sees as incredibly significant and more importantly typically Australian, in Tim Winton’s sense of the

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