Cloudstreet Essay

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Without the prologue and the epigraph the meaning of “Cloudstreet” would be lost. How true is this statement? Shall we gather at the river where bright angel feet have trod… An epigraph is used to introduce themes and concerns. In the epigraph above the themes include angels (spirituality), gather (family) and river (water). The prologue constantly focuses on these three themes and they each have their own individual representations and meanings. In the first line “will you look at us by the river” and the use of words like “mob” show the introduction of what appears to be a family. Biblical imagery is used to show an ‘ideal world’ and colloquial language is used to introduce an ‘Aussie feel’ to the novel. The rest of the first few…show more content…
From the prologue we can tell that fish lamb is embracing death and that he wants it to happen. Without the epigraph “Shall we gather at the river where bright angel feet have trod” we wouldn’t be able to understand the themes. These themes all contribute to one underlying theme ‘completeness’ through the other themes fish is able to search for completeness. He finds completeness through drowning and reuniting with his lost
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