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Text response homework: “Dolly and Oriel have more in common than they realise.’’ Tim Winton’s novel Cloudstreet presents two seemingly dissimilar families that are forced to live together in the same house. This piece of fiction contrasts many characters with diverse morals and behaviours, in particular the two mothers of the families, Dolly Pickles and Oriel Lamb. Beneath the surface, these women have more in common than they realise, especially when it concerns gaining power, suffering trauma, their partners, experiencing loss and their home. The characters Dolly and Oriel both display the need for power in their separate lives. Dolly and Oriel are alike in that they both crave power over people. Oriel is in charge of her entire…show more content…
She was lied to by her whole family and this affects Dolly’s character in that it leads to trust issues and a negative coping mechanism of alcoholism and promiscuity, “The second oldest sister, the one who made me feel like rubbish all my life, that one was my mother.” The way both of these women have been shaped by the trauma they each underwent influences how they perceive people. Each of these characters struggle with the personalities and habits of their partners. Oriel’s husband, Lester, has an inability to strive for anything, he procrastinates and would not do anything if it was not for Oriel, “she loved Lester, but a lot of loving him was making up for him, compensating. He was never quite up to anything.” Oriel grapples with Lester’s personality because he is so unalike her. Dolly shares the predicament of not harmonising with her husband, Sam. Dolly sees Sam as weak because of his lost hand and addiction to gambling, they also have different views about their children, “don’t you touch her, Dolly. Don’t you put a finger on her, or – or what, you weak mongrel?” Dolly refers to Sam as a weak mongrel, which is indication of the indifference she

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