Cloughbane Farm Shop Is Run By Lorna Robinson

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Cloughbane Farm Shop
Introduction -
Cloughbane Farm Shop is run by Lorna Robinson, Sam Robinson and Robert & Richard Robinson, Sam and Lorna’s sons. The Robinsons have been farming at Cloughbane for around 150 years and is now in its fourth generation. Up until 2002, it was, pure and simple, a farm, selling our beef, lamb and free range eggs to wholesalers.
However in 2002 they were invited to be a founding member of the farm market set up in Dungannon. At the market they sold their lamb and beef which they reared at the farm. They would leave their lamb mature for 10-14 days on the bone and this was because they believed this gives it a better taste. Their beef is left to mature for 28 days and this is to make it tender and also to gives it a better taste.
Thanks to the setup of the Dungannon farm market they decided to start their own business selling their goods at their own farm in a shop. They converted and old pig house in a shop which features 12-foot butchery serve over counter, three other chill cabinets for their own and other locally sourced products. They also stocked fruit and vegetables plus some ambient lines.
This year Cloughbane farm shop was nominated for 2 awards at the Grow Make Eat Drink 2016 Awards. One of the awards they were nominated for was Best Small Food / Drink Producer and the other award was Best Food / Drink Marketing Campaign.
Cloughbane have recently signs a contract with Tesco for their ready meals worth £450,000. This is a huge deal for

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