Cloverbum Camp Analysis

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County Residential Camp: Evaluation results indicate that Essential Elements were readily apparent at both residential camps. Campers at older camp identified that they would be more involved in their community and county 4-H program as a result of their participation. At younger camp, in particular, indicated that they planned to have a healthier lifestyle when asked what they would do differently. Older camper indicated they would like more free time and the younger camper wanted more creature comforts and their cell phone.
Daycamps: Evaluation consisted of a post reflective survey for both cloverbuds and science. These responses indicate that children enjoyed the camp, gained in knowledge, felt safe and made new friends. At the
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National Level
The agent continues to participate in the Camping and Environmental Taskforce, which is part of the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents, through phone conferences. This year, I lent my support by participating in several conference calls, as well as, presenting and attending the National Camping and Environmental Education Institute that was held March 2017.

Presentation and Dissemination
Sharing knowledge and successes with other extension professionals and Kanawha County camp staff are paramount to the improvement of camping locally and within the profession. This has been accomplished through:
• National presentation at the National Camping and Environmental Education Institute, conversations and conference calls with the members of the Camping and Environmental Education Taskforce of NAE4-HA
• State level co-presented, “Makerspaces at Camp” at the 4-H Extension Camping Summit.
• Yearly, evaluation of county camping program is analyzed, reviewed by the agent then shared with volunteers and staff to improve the quality of the county camping program.

Dissemination of camp programs includes:
• Marketing information to youth regarding camp including social media and promotional materials
• Camping reports to West Virginia University Extension Service
• 4-H Residential Camp Program
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