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6. Previous study on Applying CLT in Non-Western Contexts:
Nonkukhetkhong et al (2006) investigated perceptions and implementation of five Thai EFL teachers of the Lerner-centred approach (LCA) to teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Thai secondary school contexts through employing interviews, classroom observation and self-reporting as methods of investigation. The findings of this study revealed an interest among the teachers to implement the LCA and CLT for TEFL but reported many contextual challenges for this implementation (see 3.3.4). Although the sample involved in this study was not representative, its findings were very interesting and indicative. Promising results about the implementation of the Communicative
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It also suggests that the syllabus can be used as a guide for leading EFL teachers and students to implement the CLCA effectively. Al-Nouh (2008) investigated the implementation of 23 Kuwaiti EFL primary school teachers of a CLT-based learner-centred method through interviews and classroom observation. He reported that the teachers were implementing a teacher-centred method despite the learner-centred training they had received during their university teacher education. He attributed this to these teachers’ focus on teaching to the test. The findings of this study revealed the mismatch between the teachers’ perceptions of their own practice with their actual practice inside classrooms. The more experienced teachers had better knowledge and skills for implementing a CLT-based learner-centred method than the less experienced (Al-Nouh, 2008). Kirkgoz (2008) conducted a 2-year case study (2003-2005) to investigate 32 Turkish EFL state primary school teachers’ instructional practices and the impact of their understanding and training on their implementation of the communicative oriented innovation. Classroom observation and interviews were employed as tools for data collection in this study. This investigation revealed a considerable deviation in the classroom practices of sixteen
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