Club It Week 3

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Club IT Status Week 3 W. Tourigny BIS/219 Club IT Status Week 3 Club IT Club IT is a venue owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Both having a business degree, they seem to work well together in running and maintaining the financials of the company. Recently they remodeled the interior of the club, giving it high ceilings and high energy lighting. Their next project is to work on the informational systems to provide an atmosphere and shopping experience for their consumers that will continue to bring them back. [ (Rainer, 2009) ] Three Business Problems Club IT has gotten off to a good start, but does have room for some improvements. One of the problems that I notice with the club is they still use dial-up internet connection.…show more content…
This would speed up the process of employee access, credit card transactions, and more. The next thing I would change is the website, it is out dated to say the least. There are things that could be added to the website such as a ticket booth for selling the weekend tickets, a blog area for customer communication, and even a VIP section where they could get deep discounts. The third solution would be to add a digital dashboard software. [ (Performance Dashboard) ] This would be helpful in monitoring their business, by product sales and new customers. This would be a tremendous help in marketing strategies to grow the company. Within these solutions we have utilized ERP, CRM, and SCM. Enterprise resource planning was used in planning what is needed to enhance the website for better communication with the customers. Customer relationship management is an effort to retain the customers. First of all just upgrading to LAN for our internet, speeding up the process of transactions will make the customer happier. Waiting on the transaction takes up their time, and it is valuable to them. Adding a digital dashboard to monitor products, inventory, customers, etc, is making use of supply chain management by reducing uncertainty and cycle times of products. [ (Performance Dashboard) ] Department use of our solutions To begin, the clubs server's and bartenders will make the most use of faster transactions. It will
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