Club Med ( A ) Case Study

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Club Med (A)

The Club Med (A) case examines the companies core values, innovative goals in providing a complete all-inclusive resort getaway experience for their customers, and competitive advantages and disadvantages the resort company had against others. They pride themselves on being innovators and on customer satisfaction, though they did begin to fall behind in some areas due to new competitors entering their category. Some of the Club Med issues were that they didn’t seem to actively take new threats very seriously, they were heavily catered towards the French/European culture, and how they didn’t have much flexibility in terms of adjusting their services to fit consumer needs better.
Club Mediterranee, or better known as Club Med, came from very humble beginnings. It was founded in the 1950’s by a group of friends from a non profit sports association. The members of this association enjoyed sports, vacations, and scenery. It was led by Gerard Blitz who then enlisted the help of his close friend Gilbert Trigano. Trigano saw potential in the association and was passionate about turning it into a successful business. It soon went on to become the ninth-largest hotel company in the world in 1986. In 1972, Club Med Inc was formed by Trigano’s son Serge, who then became its president and CEO. In 1984 they opened up subsidiary shares to the public at the New York Stock Exchange. This opened up many possibilities for the company to pursue. By 1985, Club Mediterranee…

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